S02 E19 Show Notes: A Little Updock

We continue the Texas Beer Revolution. Tonight is Sympathy for the Lager, a Euro Pale Lager from Karbach Brewing.

To The Pint

Jeremy - Nice mouthfeel, pretty good for a Lager. Not my personal favorite style, but up there in the spectrum of Lager beers. 7/10Gary - Best lager I have ever had.  8/10Keith - Pretty impressive spectrum of malts, and shows in the flavor. Odd citrusy taste to it; swings between pineapple and lemon. 8/10Rob - I really like it. I tend to gravitate toward the Lager style. The hops compliment the malt nicely, giving you a little something extra. 8/10

Total Score: 7.75/10

Pint Taken

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Half Pints

BONUS PICK: DenaliBONUS PICK: Ladybaby - J-pop meets death metal. Don't listen to this. You have been warned.

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