The Weekly Bleep: Episode 88 – Crystal Palace

The Weekly Bleep: Episode 88 – Crystal Palace - This week the boys talk about stuff that scares them. Chris takes the quiz on horror movies and escapes certain death. Marcus and Chris were both scared by studio splash screens. Fire in the Sky scared the crap out of both of them. Marcus was afraid of They Live and Chucky as a kid. IT was also pretty damn creepy. Ted Bundy and other serial killers roamed the northwest in the 1960s, '70s and '80s. A true crime writer sat next to Bundy and didn't know he was a killer. She wrote a book about it. The boys watched a lot of scary movies as kids. Chris watched a lot of weird movies in college. The Beyond and Prince of Darkness are the scariest movies ever made according to Chris. Fast zombies are terrifying. The boys realize that they may have done this episode already. The North Koreans let some families reunite for a few hours. Marcus sent Chris a super-creepy picture from a German ballet.