S02 E25 - The Double Brown Note

Our Northern California series continues with Mad River Brewing's Humboldt Brownie. This is a seasonal reserve beer, released in March. This double brown ale clocks in a 9% ABV. 

Mad River describes the beer like this: Deep brown in color with rich aromas and flavors of fresh brownies, our Double Brown is food for the malt lover's soul. Delicious and decadent, will pair fabulously with roast lamb and seasoned new potatoes.

To The Pint

Jeremy - Bready, yeasty under a rich malt backbone. Sweet finish. Something like a stout. Very good for a fall day. 8/10Keith  - Big, sticky, tastes of burnt brown sugar, and I would drink it all winter. Almost gets an extra point for the ABV. Very well balanced.  8/10Rob - Resembles a dark chocolate brownie. An interesting beer with a lot going on. I can taste the alcohol. Takes you on an interesting flavor journey.  7/10Gary - A really good beer. Don't see many brown ale's on the market these days. Feels like a fall beer. Alcohol is well balanced. Would be great with pumpkin pie.  8/10

Total Score: 7.75/10

Pint Taken

If you believe this nonsense, you probably can relate to this guy: http://www.dzopa.com/?p=23708

Half Pints

Rob: How Star Wars Conquered The Universe - bookGary: The Flash TV Show - Jeremy: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes  - party game about movie-style bomb disarming. Keith: Heroes of the Storm - card battle type game from Blizzard. 

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