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Musician & song writer MikeTV of Get Set Go is joining us for the first time! We talk about the history of Mike, the music industry, Ultima Online, and some live music by Mike!

Roberto and Mike get right to it, talking about Get Set Go's introduction to the DiamondClub crowd, Mike's musical career before & after moving to Austin, the Indie Rock side of the music business, how his band -almost- got into a 'battle of the bands' w/ Tenacious D, discuss the finer, dorky points of Ultima Online, the future, live music, and more! (Recorded October 21st, 2015) (Episode 201)

Mike's Plugs!

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Show Notes:

Get Set Go (Wikipedia)
First appearance on NSFWshow (YouTube)
Grey's Anatomy (Wikipedia)
Theme song breakdown (CRTV)
Presidents of the United States of America (Band) (Wikipedia)
New Maximum Donkey (Band) (Facebook)
Orbital - Halcyon On and On (YouTube)
MP3 (Wikipedia)
Ultima Online (Wikipedia)
Pink Floyd - Making of The Dark Side of the Moon (Wikipedia)
Live365 (Wikipedia)

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