Friendship is Magic (the Gathering) – Kyle Kanon

We finally made it to 200! *cue noisemakers* And there's no other person we'd spend this amazing milestone than with Kyle Kanon! 

Roberto and Kyle remanence about their friendship and the past 200 episodes (such as the ones Kyle's been on ^.~), talking about how they skipped out on a senior class picture to go to a headshop, hockey!, the day Roberto's Guild Wars guild mysteriously disbanded, Kyle selling his Magic the Gathering cards :o, Kyle's -still- a dad, chat interactions, and more! (Recorded Live October 14th, 2015) (Episode 200)

Kyle's Plugs!

Twitter < He's new with this. Be gentle Grand Blanc Music < Place he works Kingdom CCG < Game he likes Previous Kyle Episode(s): 1 , 10 , 52 , 100

Show Notes:

Talking Heads (Wikipedia) HS Field Day (Wikipedia) Armadillo Cloak (MTG Card) Guild Wars (Wikipedia) NetRunner (Wikipedia) Heroclix (Wikipedia)

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