Irish Toast – Ariel Sauceda

Ariel Sauceda, long time friend and musician, joins us this week for laughs, memories, & music!

Roberto and Ariel have a great time going down memory lane, talking about their college experiences, relishing in their STAPLE Con reunion, discussing creativity with the audience, and LIVE MUSIC! (Recorded live April 29, 2015) (Episode 176)

Ariel's Plugs!

Twitter <- This is brand new guys! Go 'n tell him how awesome he is! Facebook Bandcamp: Consider Me Spilled Bandcamp: Good Lazy System (Band he was apart of)

Show Notes

Rocko's Modern Life [image] Dust Devil (a) Mascot , (b) Real thing (Wikipedia) Bell Bottoms (Wikipedia) STAPLE! Convention Linux Mascot: Tux (Wikipedia) A Flock of Seagulls: I Ran (YouTube)

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