SMRpodcast #250: The Dream Team

SMRpodcast episode #250 has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. Rod and Robb are out this week, therefore, Chris assembled the dream team with guest hosts Allison Sheridan and Terrance Gaines, a.k.a., Brothatech.
We start the show off with a recap of Allison's trip to Dubai then she gives us her thoughts on Apple's new Macbook which is the thinner and lighter than even the Macbook Air. Allison's thoughts covers Apple's decisions to remove all ports from this design less a 3.5mm headphone jack and one USB-C port which is used for Power.
Next, the panel discusses Microsoft's Accessibility Developer Hub which provides developers some guidance on how to build apps for those that have disabilities. Microsoft had another big announcement this week which was the upcoming Surface 3 tablet which is a low cost tablet with many of the same features as the Surface Pro. In discussing the Surface 3 we dive into the specs, cost and clear up any confusion between the enitre Surface lineup.
With the internet streaming technology continuing to gain steam Terrence brings a great topic which is Jay Z's new streaming service Tidal. In the discussion we talk about the pricing, current competitors and offer our view of the streaming music industry.

Show Information

Chris Ashley — @bigchrisashley
Robb Dunewood — @RobbDunewood
Rod Simmons — @RodSimmons
Guest Host:
Terrance Gaines -- @brothatech
Allison Sheridan -- @podfeet
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