Show X - Episode 193 - Zombie Chocolates and Sugary Gummies

Wayne and Ken are back but without the previous week's challenges, you can even see both of the hosts on the video this week! Wayne has fun both working on cosplays and helping cosplayers. He also hoped to damage his intenstines with some sugar free gummy bears, but he ordered the wrong kind and got sugar bears. Wayne also give a quick review of both the Imitation Game and the new Furious 7 movies. Ken found some Scottish sunlight and turned a bit pink, but he and Kitten Features had zombie chocolate to help ease the pain. Ken has decided to actually become a doctor of sciences and is quitting his corporate job to return to university.

They guys are joined by both Hando and Cupcheck to discuss the Geek Cred they have earned recently. Cup has been making some videos for all to see and Hando reads a movie and quite enjoyes it. Ken shows off his custom desktop backgrounds and widgets and talks about his Hearthstone times. Wayne spends some time playing Homeworld Remastered and the League of Legends, April Fools, URF mode.

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