S02 E13 Show Notes

Tonight we are drinking Dawn of the Red, an Indian Red Ale from Ninkasi Brewing. Ninkasi describes the beer as "An IRA bursting with tropical notes, this beer finishes juicy with a subtle malty backbone. After one taste, it'll leave you wanting more. It doesn't take brains to know this IRA is a delicious choice any time of year!"
That's a big description to live up to!
To The Pint
Jeremy - Grapefruit, pineapple, tropical notes. Good malt, balances the hop perfectly. Bitter, but clean, finish. 10/10Gary - Malty backbone, nice bitterness. Probably the best beer from Ninkasi. 10/10Keith - Easily the best beer I have had this season. Surprisingly light, fruit nose; pineapple fades in the taste but doesn't disappear. Really good! Wow! Go buy this! 10/10Rob - 75% of this show enjoy hoppy beers. For whatever reason. The hop is a bitter, cruel animal that assaults the tongue with relentless puckertude and beats you about the face with its nasty lip squeezing horror. Having said that, I have never had a beer that so well combined the hops with its other flavors. Perfectly balanced beer. My favorite hoppy beer that I have ever had on this show. 10/10
Total Score: /10
Pint Taken
Keith bets it will do 500M US!Gary and Rob are betting against him!Rob bets 300M!Keith and Gary say NO WAY!Rob predicts comedy hit of the summer!Everyone else doubts that!
Half Pints
Jeremy - Storehouse, a way to tell stories with words, pictures, and video.Gary - Daredevil on NetflixRob - Dead of Winter, board gameKeith - Hearthstone, the mobile version
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