S02 E11 Show Notes

Tonight we are drinking Cedar Plank Pale Ale from Green Flash Brewing. This is an American pale ale aged on Spanish cedar. Will this taste like licking a sauna? Or something better?
Jeremy - I don't taste the cedar. Just getting a lot of bitterness, without much cedar aroma. The flavor is aggressive, but on its own not special. I think it might need some food paired with it. 5/10Gary - Interesting beer. Looks good, aroma is good. Off flavors. Not entirely offensive, but it seems that the cedar is just making it bitter. Not bad, but not something I could easily recommend. 5/10Keith - The bitterness is so much that it seems I am tasting it on the roof of my mouth. Bitterness is not balanced. Almost smells like cedar sawdust; does not add to the beer. 5/10Rob - Tough one to pin down. Just kind of lays there, not doing much. I don't hate it, but I can't recommend it. 5/10
Total score: 5/10

Pint Taken
Boeing Patents Real Life Version of Force Field - Lasers (magichappenshere) deflect explosion! It's just a patent; we are skeptical until we see a demo.Amazon Prime Unlimited Cloud Storage - is this the magic solution for easy backup?

Half Pints
Keith - ShareMouse - software driven KVM switch. FREE AND MAGIC!Jeremy - The Kentucky Meat Shower and other anomalous weatherGary - Amazon Unlimited cloud storageRob - The Duke - Similar to chess, but pieces have different moves that alternate each turn. Game variants included, and you can print it out and play it for free.

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