Episode 181, “Check Your Dates”


Old news from 2006 passed off as new (Brian Singer's Trek proposal).

'Trek 3′ About Adventure, Exploration; Bob Orci's Script Ignored disq.us/8mr04s pic.twitter.com/pWRgx4lcHZ

"Luther" and Thor star Idris Elba is in talks for the lead villain role in the upcoming Star Trek 3.

Adam Nimoy to produce & direct "For the love of Spock". (there's also a 30 min one already on youtube)

Got a reply from the Star Trek store about selling those old posters, and they completely misunderstood the question.
Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: When was the last time you found out something about TOS that surprised you?
Star Trek in pop culture:

Will Ferrell on The Late Late Show with James Corden

(Clip: 00:55)
Episode insight: TOS: Spectre of the Gun
Character insight:
Subspace communications: John Farrell
Ken P.

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