#73 - The Angry Chicken: "ARTstone" w/ Ben Thompson

On The Angry Chicken episode 73, Garrett and Jocelyn sit down with Hearthstone's Art Director Ben Thompson! Ben was INCREDIBLY generous with his time and even showed up with concept art from the early days of Hearthstone (before Hearthstone even had a name!), so check out the video show if you don't usually. Blackrock Mountain's new card reveals were also discussed, as well as Ferrari's in tournaments, The Pinnacle 4, conceding too early, and Savjz's Hobgoblin Paladin deck.

Big thanks to Ben Thompson and the Hearthstone Community Team for making this week's episode possible.

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Episode: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/theangrychicken/~5/M0Asbaf_YJ8/tac-episode_73.mp3