S02 E09 Show Notes

Woohoo! It's a TWO BEER NIGHT! We will be drinking Watershed IPA from Oakshire Brewing, and Double-D Blonde from Hop Valley Brewing Company. Both of these are beers from Eugene, Oregon.
Double-D Blonde
A mixture of Cascade and Willamette hops.
Jeremy - Golden and light. Pours with a thick head. Slightly flat, but well balanced. Good finish, nice bitterness but not overdone.  8/10 Keith - On a warm summer day, helping a friend build a fence with heat wrapped around you like a blanket. And he hands you a beer. And it tastes like this. This beer is what a perfect cheap summer beer should be. Amazing beer. Should replace every $5 six-pack in the world. Solid, easy to drink. Carbonation is perfect. 8/10 Gary - Could use more carbonation, probably great on tap. Flavor has some wheat character.  7/10 Rob - Really dig it. Understated hops. Buttery texture, finishes well.  8/10
Total score: 7.75/10
Watershed IPA
A Northwest style India Pale Ale highlights the flavors and aromas of our region's best hops. Crisp, dry and refreshing, this dry hopped IPA is smooth and easy to drink.
Jeremy - Nice citrus nose. Lots of pine flavor. Quite well balanced. Not the best IPA ever, but a good example of a Northwest IPA. 7/10 Keith - (made it a slushie) Staying balanced as a slushie. Good IPA, not best ever. 7/10 Gary - Nice body and mouthfeel. Pine. Malt coming out nicely. 7/10 Rob - Makes me want to move to Tennessee and take a beer class so I can spit this out. Every thing wrong. Nothing pleasing. Just not good at all. 2/10
Total score: 5.75/10
Pint Taken
Tennessee College students told to spit, not swallow. Their beers; what did you think? Samsung inserting ads…. into YOUR content because just listening to you wasn't bad enough. Death Star Asteroid Ceres shows its "Alien" colors
Half Pints
Keith - Sonos Play One speaker. Excellent wireless speaker. Produces very good sound. Jeremy - Duet Game - A fun puzzle game. Rotate two dots around to avoid obstacles. Fast paced and challenging. Gary - Do Camera from IFTTT Rob - Alto's Adventure - Jungle Run-type skiing app.
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