S02 E08 Show Notes:

Tonight we return to GoodLife Brewing with Descender IPA. Last time we tried a GoodLife beer (SweetAs! Pale Ale), it earned a respectable 8.25. Can Descender keep up the GoodLife high rank on PNR Show?

Jeremy - Grapefruit nose. Would like to have some more hops - maybe it's too old. Quite good, and getting better as the head settles and it warms up. 8/10Keith - Deserves a spot on the shelf next to Pliny. Damn good. Seems more aggressive than Pliny. 9/10Gary - A great beer. Love the balance of the hops. Refreshing on a warm day. 8/10Rob - Disgusting, pathetic, vile, bitter to a fault, very thick just sits and hits you in the face with grapefruit and doesn't do anything else other than make you want to tear the front part of your tongue off. 1/10

Total score: 6.5/10

Pint Taken

Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary - Lorne Michaels invited every host, musical guest, and cast member who has ever been on the show. Variety has some highlights you can watch online.Rolling Stone has ranked all 141 SNL cast members. Do you agree?

Half Pints

Keith - Double Pick Gung Hay Fat Choy!
1) Kik messenger app - Fast IM for multiple platforms
2) Apple pears - shape of an apple, with pear flavor. Yum!Jeremy - IFTTT DO single button triggers for If This Then That actionsGary - (has vanished into the ether)Rob - Sentinels of the Multiverse video game: Based on a board game. Think Avengers battle in a board game.

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