Episode 3 - #OMGSmilyFace

Today's Hosts:

Nate "xSyneKx" Ward
Ghemit The Hunter
Eric "FatherHunt" Eldridge

This Week's Headlines
• Diablo's Season 2 start date is horrific!
• Bring on the tweets! 6.1 PTR now features twitter! #OMGSmilyFace!
• Heroes Beta is now open to all, for a price.

WoW News

6.1 PTR Patch Notes Here.
o Follower gear can now be upgraded to ilvl 675
o Talent and skill changes for multiple classes
Did you participate in the Blackrock Foundry testing?
A pretty new mount is coming, it's beautiful! How the hell do we get it?

Diablo News

Season 2 officially starts on Friday The 13th!
o Season 1 ends this coming Tuesday in North America and Wednesday in Europe and Asia
o Official start times are as follows
§ NA : 6pm PST
§ EU : 6pm CET
§ AS : 6pm KST

Jan 28th Hotfixes Here.

With season 2 right around the corner Blizzard released an end of season preview for season one. Nevalistis put up a blog posting that reviewed all the known information for the transition between seasons. We also got a sneak peak at the redesigned interface for the leaderboards. You can find the full post and a cool video to go along with it here.

Blizzard came out and said that there is currently no further development planned for skirmish mode. How do you feel about this? Were you looking forward to Diablo pvp?

Hearthstone News

Patch 7628 is now live! Full notes here.
o The new Maraad Card Back for reaching rank 20 or higher for January is officially in the client.
o Celebrate the Lunar New Year! Heroes will say Happy New Year instead of Hello when emotes are used.
o Undertaker gets changed! If you don't like the new changes don't foget you can disenchant it for it's full value
o Some minor bug fixes.

Heroes of the Storm News

You can now buy into the Heroes Beta by purchasing the Founders Pack!
o For 39.99 you get multiple heroes, skins, gold a mount and most importantly, Beta Access!
§ Unlock Diablo, Raynor, and Tyrande
§ Get the Lurkablo Diablo, Commander Raynor, and Blood Elf Tyrande
§ Access the Golden Cyber Wolf mount
§ Get 2,500 gold

New weekly sales for this week are as follows:

o Tassadar $3.24
o Medic Uther $4.99
o High Templar Zeratul $2.49

Lunar Festival Items Now Available!
o Elder Chen $9.99
o Festival Li Li $9.99
o Lunar Festival Complete Bundle $32.96
§ Lunar Tiger Mount
§ Chen
§ Li Li
§ Elder Chen Skin
§ Festival Li Li Skin
o Lunar Festival Skin Bundle $22.47
§ Lunar Tiger Mount
§ Elder Chen Skin
§ Festival Li Li

Hero rotation for this week
o First 5 –
§ Arthas
§ Kerrigan
§ Li Li
§ Uther
o Level 12
§ Nazeebo
o Level 15
§ Tychus

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