Episode 204, “Coreception!”

Episode 204, "Coreception!"


10th anniversary event extended a week.

Dark Horse Warcraft coming coming

W way to get your missing followers is coming

No more trap-stealing

Hotfixes for January 5


Preparing for Molten Core

Alliance Tier 2 garrison

oh the zone and lore differences

Switched the Outposts & different garrisons

Inn, quests, recruiter (useful!)

No LFD or LFR yet


Busy holiday, not much play time.

Some garrison followers up to epic.

One mission rewarded Halaa tokens. Heh. (those are for mounts -ER)

Spending most of my playtime doing PvP – PvE isn't doing anything for me.

Problem – tried doing rBG and nobody wants a mage.

Warcast question of the week

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4Episode: http://media.libsyn.com/media/worldofwarcast/WorldOfWarcastEpisode204.mp3