Coverville Countdown 2014: Nomination Time is NOW!

Coverville Countdown 2014: Nomination Time is NOW!

Coverville Countdown 2014

It’s that time of year again! Time to nominate your favorite covers of 2014 for the Coverville Countdown!

Like previous years, the end of year brings the Coverville Countdown. And because reception for last year’s format change was so well-received, we’re going to do it again! Nominate the covers you liked from 2014 by clicking the link at the bottom of this post, we’ll organize the list of covers by several factors (number of nominations, ability of covering performer to transform the song, evaluation by independent panel of cover fans, etc.). And the last two episodes of the year will count down the best of 2014!

Need some ideas for what great cover songs and albums came out in 2014? Here’s a spreadsheet to scroll through. In no way is it EVERYTHING that came out this year, but it should get you started. (If you see a number in the “Original Artist” column, that means it was played in that episode of Coverville)

Here’s the schedule for this year’s Countdown:

  • 12/08/14: Nominations begin
  • 12/19/14: Nominations end
  • 12/24/14: Coverville Countdown Episode 1 (songs 40 to 21)
  • 12/31/14: Coverville Countdown Episode 2 (songs 20 to 1)

Enjoy! And happy nominating!

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