The Geek I/O Show: Episode 81 - OK Google, Sexy Time

This Week on the Geek I/O Show, we were joined by Mara Macul Mendes, who brought us up a few pegs with her mighty MENSA mind meat.

We discussed all of the hertz, amaze-balls spider-dude, lots of Diablo 3, the Nike Plus does all you want it  to, floppy disks don't go through the shredder, zip drive or die, never skip leg day, Silver Linings Playbook actually lives up to the hype, Budlong is all giddy over his new shiny Moto X and 360, weird scenarios we come up with for tasker, Budlong takes the Twin Peaks challenge, Jaz feels bad about watching Archer, Waze, giant moon fish spiders, science-ish fiction, adorable Riddler, The Dude Bro Channel, and Greek Alcho-bits.  Plus!  I've seen every penis in this van!

Join us on The Geek I/O Show, won't you?  We don't give a boing.