Help Todd make it to BlizzCon!

Hi guys. I had been intending to do this for earlier conventions we had covered, but have only now finally gotten around to it for BlizzCon.

With Patreon  doing a great job helping us with the day-to-day operational costs of the network, I wanted to give listeners a way to support specific convention coverage, asking for donations on a show-by-show basis to help us offset the costs of travel and lodging for shows we cover for you.

So far this year we have covered Phoenix Comicon , Nerdtacular , w00tstock , and Dragon*Con . Up next is the AIE Guildhall at BlizzCon 2014 , which is what this GoFundMe is in support of.

Any small amount of support you can offer to help us get there and back again is welcome, and we are grateful for all of the support you offer us.

Thank you!