Episode 159, “Deep thoughts with Jim Kirk”


Harlan Elison of "City o.t.e.o. Forever" fame has had a stroke. He's in the hospital. His right side is paralyzed.

Darrell makes a video (Starfleet Training Films – How to Fight Ninjas) youtu.be/0pEoKqwtbA4

Michael Dorn expects a yes/no from Paramount on his proposed "Captain Worf" series within 2 weeks. Why Paramount & not CBS?


Delta Rising – Star Trek Online launched today

The Red Shirt Diaries
Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Which regular TOS character do u think was the most underdeveloped on the show? My vote is Sulu.
Star Trek in pop culture: Continuum, S3, E4.

Some are long, some are short, like this. Someone travels through time & meets himself.

(Clip: 00:14)
Episode insight: TOS: S3 The Mark of Gideon
Character insight – Jonas
Subspace communications
Ken P.

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