DTNS 2313 – Rejected Because Reasons

Patrick Beja is on the show and we’ll talk about YouTube getting in on crowd-funding and our picks to backup and protect your data.

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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Patrick Beja, independent podcaster!

Patrick’s patreon: http://www.patreon.com/RDVTech


News From You

  • diggsalot submitted a post from WeLiveSecurity.com passing along the Popular Science story about fake cellphone "towers." The article quotes CEO of ESD America, Les Goldsmith saying his team found 17 interceptors during the month of July. An interceptor is used by law enforcement and criminals alike to mimic a cell phone tower and 'intercept connections without being detected. ESD America markets a hardened Samsung Galaxy phone called the CryptoPhone 500.
  • KAPT_Kipper passes along the TechCrunch report about Apple publishing the Top 10 reasons it rejects apps. Sixty percent of App rejections during a seven day period in August 2014 were due to these ten reasons. The number one most common reason? “More information needed.” The number 2 reason? Bugs in the code. Other reasons include not complying with the Developer Program License Agreement, an overly complex or poorly designed interface, or the use of placeholder text. 42% of the rejections were for ‘Other Reasons’, because– reasons.
  • and tm204 passed along the 9to5 Mac story that Reddit has launched an Ask me Anything app for iOS that gives you an easy way to follow real-time and archived AMAs. AMAs are Reddit's most popular feature, with 6.2M followers. A third of Reddits visitors come from mobile, so the site plans to try to address that user base more actively.

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