DTNS 2300 – Ich bin ein Uberliner

Breki Tomasson joins us and we’ll talk about why everyone hates Uber. At least every city government, it seems. Berlin is the latest to ban the ride sharing service.


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Breki Tomasson, founder and host of the CSICON podcasting network

News From You
  • kyro5976 posted the Ars Technica story about Ryan Lackey of CloudFlare and Marc Rogers of Lookout discussing their project called Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty (PORTAL), the a pre-built software image for an inexpensive pocket-sized "travel router". The idea is to make existing encryption and privacy tools always there so you can't forget to turn them on. Portal includes the full capabilities of Tor—including pluggable transports that help foil network monitoring tools. The system is only available as a GITHUB download for now but the aim is to make it available in an easier way.
  • spsheridan passes along a 9 to 5 mac report that Apple has announced it will explicitly prohibit benzene tied to leukemia and n-hexane which may cause nerve damage from its iPhone and iPad assembly process. Chinese and American labor watchdog groups petitioned the company to investigate whether the chemicals were being used. Apple conducted a four-month study, and claims there is no evidence that workers health was being put at risk but they have updated their restrictions to explicitly ban the two chemicals from the final assembly process.
  • ccastro425 pointed out the Engadget story that a leaked internal memo published by TMO News indicates that starting August 17, T-Mobile USA will start warning customers that use high levels of data on their unlimited LTE plans, that they may be throttled. T-Mobile claims they are targeting customers who have bypassed the default tethering feature or engaged in peer-to-peer file sharing. Users who don't respond to the warning will have their speeds throttled for the remainder of the billing cycle. 
  • MikePKennedy posted the Verge article that Lenovo now sells more smartphones than PCs. Smartphone sales more than doubled for the company between April and June. Lenovo sold 15.8 million smartphones last quarter compared to 14.5 million PCs. 
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Plug of the day: Take This

Kung Fu Drafter sent us a note saying “given the tragedy of Robin Williams death and the fact that many of my geekier friends (and myself) deal with depression, I thought I would remind my online friends of the site takethis.org” Take This promotes awareness and education of mental health issues and empathy for those suffering from emotional distress with the goal of eradicating the stigma of mental illness.

They just redesigned the site to make it easier for people, to find information about what they or someone they know might be experiencing. They'll be at PAX Prime in Seattle with a dedicated space called the AFK Room, where people can take a break and regain their calm.

Share your story, volunteer, or donate at takethis.org.

Pick of the Day: ACLU’s Know Your Rights pamphlet

With the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri, today seems like a good time to brush up on your rights as a citizen, or as a visitor to the United States, when it comes to matters of law enforcement. Now you may not be in, or anywhere near Ferguson, Missouri. But you might be at conference someday, or at a sporting event where things get out of hand, or holding a computer in a public place at the wrong time. So Producer Jennie, who has had several disappointing run-ins with various law enforcement agencies in her past life as a news producer, would like you to know that the ACLU has a handy booklet entitled “Know Your Rights” which is downloadable at ACLU.org. Producer Jennie would also like to remind you that in a chaotic unfolding situation, the best thing to do is NOT to yell about knowing your rights to a bunch of upset law enforcement officials, but rather to get to safety as quickly as possible.

You can use your phone to film the police, even if they tell you not to: Read up on those rights and restrictions here:


Friday’s guests: Brian Ibbott and Len Peralta