The Geek I/O Show: Episode 71 - Dorothy's Adventure to the Center of the Earth

This week on the Geek I/O Show, we were joined by no one!  It was Dale and Alexandra's last show, and we gave them a happy little send off that was mostly about them...even though they are leaving us...but we aren't bitter...mostly.

We discussed doing all the monkeys, Apes are better than Transformers, filming corn films with ape diapers, surviving finals, David Boreanaz can't make Rachel drop her pants, fixing the broken things, remote locations in Alabama, Neil Gaiman makes other writers look bad, how to build a Claptrap, going retro with Pokemon Yellow, saving coffee man, exploding the news, Gail Gamble, bringing the different girly dynamic, and jumping on the Jar(r)eds.  Plus!  We send off Dale and Alexandra with a big pile of feels!  All the feels!

Join us on Geek I/O, won't you?  We'll give you the bro-fist.