DTNS 2219 – OnePlus One is Too– Exclusive

Rich DeMuro is on and we’ll talk about the gorgeous and extremely affordable One PlusOne and whether Rich has any invites for us since you have to be invited to purchase one. Also prior art for monkey math and why 3D printers will never print your spare parts.


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Today’s guest: Rich DeMuro, technology reporter at KTLA News


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Pick of the Day:

PFsense My pick is PFsense , if you like DDWRT as a router firmware you will LOVE PFsense it is a opensource free router software that runs on old hardware AOK. Loaded FULL of enterprise level features and easy configuration. It is able to keep up with my 100 MB internet and high user demands with logging, multiple network segments, Guest network capture portal with vouchers, and so much more. It is overkill for any residential router but that's how use geeks role!
Also +1 for Plex!
Harrison, Flower Mound, TX USA


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Thursday’s guest: Patrick Beja! And we all rejoice!

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