#27 - The Angry Chicken: “Gruuling All Over the Place”

On this episode of TAC PAX East blew through and left a pile of Hearthstone news in it's wake. The first HS adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, has been announced! We break down everything we know about the different wings so far, and take a good look at 5 of the new 30 cards. Zeriyah also announced the Hearthstone World Championship this past week, Dills teaches us how to bend RNG to our favor, and Jocelyn wrecks some fools with her new ZooLock deck. As always we read some crazy game stories and take your emails. Don't forget to check out Garrett and Dills' new show, Into the Nexus It's a show about Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm and episode 1 is out now! Follow Twitch.tv/amovetv and go to Amove.tv/itn for everything Into the Nexus. You can support The Angry Chicken by going to www.patreon.com/tac. Follow us on Twitch.tv/amovetv and subscribe to the Amove Youtube at Youtube.com/starcastshow.  You can email the show at TACpodcast@gmail.com. The Angry Chicken #27 - Show Notes Download TAC #27 Permalink

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