Fundraiser upgrade progress

After passing our first Indiegogo funding goal, I spent the weekend implementing as many of the Tier-1 changes as I could manage.

Talk Channel 1 and Talk Channel 2 are now permanently in place on their own new, dedicated servers. This has doubled the station's capacity for live Internet talk-radio streaming. Reliability should be maximized, and downtime minimized.

All-new desktop audio players have been installed on the right side of the front page. The players should now open in their own windows, allowing you to continue listening while you browse around.  Just click on the now-playing show graphic to launch the player.

Thanks to the generosity of Angry Chicken listener Joel, I have been able to begin beta testing the Alpha Geek Radio Music channel ahead of making the fundraising goal. Thank you for the testbed and bandwidth, Joel! Point your browser at to test it out, or follow the links on the front page. Please test the request system, and let me know if you encounter any bugs. Please suggest artists who you think might be interested in appearing in the library, and I will contact them.

I have implemented the shell of the Special Event channel as well, though it does not lead anywhere yet. For now, it just plays a low-bandwidth version of the Music channel.

All of the new channels are available via the mobile App. Simply search for "Alpha Geek Radio" on your device, and the following results should appear:

Alpha Geek Radio - Talk Channel 1
Alpha Geek Radio - Talk Channel 2
Alpha Geek Radio - Music
Alpha Geek Radio - Special Event

Add these channels to your Favorites in the App, and you should be good to go!

Thank you again for your generous donations to the expansion of the site. 19 days remain on the fundraiser - let's see if we can make it all the way to Tier 3! I will have so much work to do, but it will be totally worth it...