The Versus the World Productions New Year's Eve Spectacular!


![][1]Even edited down, this thing is a behemoth. Consider yourself warned, and enjoy!

Gnomewise / The Other Todd hosts this three-ring-circus (in a GOOD way) of a show to give 2011 a proper send-off, and to look ahead to the new year. The final cut clocks in at 5 hours, 45 minutes.

Guest appearances by:

- Ursiheil and Mr. NNJ of the Difficulty Check podcast
- Fuzzy, Nizman, and autographedcat of the Tadpoolery podcast
- Fernurion and Aristile of the No Excuses podcast
- Almighty Farseer and Empress Xai, formerly of the Essence of Roleplay podcast
- Emperor1G of The Emperor's Court
- Joel Duggan of Alpha Geek Fridays, Comics Coast to Coast, and [][2]
- Jocelyn Moffett of The Gamers' Inn podcast
- Nicole Spagnuolo of Ladies of Leet, The Final Score, and The Movielicious
- Chris Morton, Caleb Colby, Kerry Dykstra, and Keefe Chamberlain of Indeed Podcast

All of this, plus listener call-ins! Happy New Year to all of our listeners! We hope you had a great 2011, and look forward to spending 2012 with you.

The VTW Team

Episode: [][3]