AG Radio Episode 30 - Phoenix Comicon 2011 - Billy Dee Williams

An icon of not only Hollywood but also the African-American community, Billy Dee Williams was a long anticipated and much needed addition to the cast of heroes in the STAR WARS universe. His considerable presence brought many viewers to the seats of the theater to see THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK who may not have originally purchased a ticket. His overwhelming popularity and powerful performance opposite Diana Ross in the films MAHOGONY and LADY SINGS THE BLUES led many women flocking to see his character Lando Calrissian in George Lucas' space fantasy. Billy Dee's career has encompassed so much, including the films "Undercover Brother", "Nighthawks", "Bingo Long", "Bryan's Song", and the television show "Dynasty".

His introduction in the "Star Wars" trilogy allowed Billy Dee to continue his role in "Return of the Jedi"; as General Calrissian he piloted the Millennium Falcon directly into the second Death Star destroying it from within. His popularity in the fantasy/Sci-Fi genre continued when he took the role of Gotham's district attorney Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's "Batman", lending his charming good looks and suave attitude to the film. Recently, Billy Dee Williams was nominated for an "Independent Spirit Award" for his role in "The Visit", portraying a father whose son is dying of AIDS in prison. He could also be seen on the television series "18 Wheels of Justice" and "Gidieon's Crossing".

In September he is traveling to Alabama to shoot a new project called "Constellation". His acting career, however, does not completely engross his time. Billy Dee is also an accomplished artist whose paintings are displayed around the globe including the USA, Japan, and Canada. As well as a painter, he is also a talented author, helping pen the science fiction thriller "Psi Net" and it's sequel currently available in bookstores.

Billy Dee co-stars in HOOD OF HORROR. PLUS all SOAP OPERA fans MUST check him out in the new NIGHT SHIFT. A spin off of General Hospital that currently runs on the SOAP NETWORK, check local listing for dates and times!